Wednesday, 28 December 2016

Anti Ransomware DaK v1 - Detect and Kill Ransomware Process

Demonstrasion with Ransomware Osiris
Invoice_INV000051518.xls, lodka2, shtefans2.spe

Is a prototype tool to detect and kill RANSOMWARE (virus, malware), when user clicked Macro or whatever you say it "downloader + launcher" (.xls-macro; .js; .wsf) Ransomware (DLL) and make it running in your computer.

Process rundll32 running

Process rundll32 detected and killed

Process Ransomware found

Process Ransomware not found

Download here, v1, 28 Des 2016:
EXE 584 KB (598.528 bytes):
(EXE MD5: 15FC05C055152D59AED3877CC3AC3852)

ZIP 186 KB (190.621 bytes):

(ZIP MD5: 11972E8C319231A5B9E1DB40B48460E2)


Ryan Bekabe

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